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We work with clients to understand their needs, provide our expertise and innovate iteratively. We value fresh inputs and work collaboratively to form a solid innovation engine that gives the desired results.

Web App Development

We offer cost-effective, quality-oriented, and reliable web services to corporations, small businesses, and individuals. Our experienced team of designers, architects, system engineers, and developers makes the development process more efficient to ensure we deliver highly customized solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

Mobile App

In today’s world, mobile devices and apps are an essential medium for reaching out to potential customers and developing strong business relationships with them. With our experience in developing mobile apps for both iOS and Android, we can build the app of your dreams based on your technological requirements.

EdTech Solution

We provide customized IT services for the education sector. You can also manage your academic institutions with our in-house product “Qbex”. Qbex is an AI-based school management system that helps you keep all of your students’, employees’, and guardians’ information in one place.

IT Consulting & Projectplanning

We provide consultations to the companies regarding the IT infrastructure that they use and provide necessary advice to maintain a high level of security and solutions that fully align with your organization’s goals and budget. We conduct an IT audit to determine the necessary recommendations for system upgrades.

FinTech Solution

We provide you customized solutions based on integration , openness and modular structure with our team of experts in the financial inclusion sector as well as technologists who meet the digital needs of financial institutions.”Mizani” our in-house product, is widely used in Nepal’s microfinance, development, and commercial banks.

Our Products

We have a diverse range of in-house-products in the areas of edtech, fintech, and humanitarian support


Laligurans, is a Humanitarian Cash and Voucher Assistance software. Laligurans software includes enumerator mobile app, vendor mobile app and web app for humanitarian agencies

Technology: MS SQL, VueJS, Flutter, Asp.Net

Sampatti is a personal finance management app designed to help an individual to manage his/her money smartly. It is a systematic approach where an

Technology: Flutter, Splite

Aria Technology introduced Qbex, an EduCare software in 2019. It provides service model software that help institutes run smoothly. It was designed to manage

Technology: Asp.Net, MS SQL, VueJs, SAAS

Mizani is credit-scoring and appraisal software as a service platform for banks and financial institutions to maintain credit-history, generate credit-scores and perform loan appraisal

Technology: Asp.Net, MS SQL, VueJS, Python, SAAS, Flutter

Why Data Driven Decision Making Is Important? Data-driven decision-making ensures a higher probability of success, whether it is for a small firm or for a government introducing

Technology: Flutter

These testimonials can give you a better sense of the value clients have gained and key results they have achieved by working with us

It was a wonderful experience working with Aria Technology. Qbex is a fantastic software for school management systems, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We are excited to see what Aria has to offer in the future development of the educational system in Nepal.

Chanakya School


We would like to express our gratitude to Aria Technologies for providing us with their service . Mizani software has been a huge help in loan appraisal, credit score determination, and service provisions. We strive to work together in advancing technology in the banking sector.

Muktinath Bikas Bank


We would like to thank Aria Technologies for their tremendous efforts during the cash voucher assistance program with Laligurans apps. Despite all of the challenges we faced while providing Cash Voucher Assistance to beneficiaries, the offline feature of the Laligurans app proved extremely useful when there was an internet outage in remote areas. We are extremely satisfied with the services we received while working with Aria Technologies.



We would like to thank Aria Technologies for their services and regular support on behalf of all Prabhu Bank employees. The Sampatti app has greatly aided us in tracking income and expenses, saving, monthly budgeting, and maintaining regular records. It is easier to manage money on a daily basis when you use the Sampatti app.

Prabhu Bank