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Aria Technologies collaborates with humanitarian agencies, prioritizing life-saving missions and disaster preparedness. Our pivotal role in Nepal's digital transformation spans humanitarian, educational, and financial literacy sectors. Explore our impactful work through the links, share feedback, and consider collaboration opportunities for a greater collective impact.

Decision Making Tools For CVA

Explore our cutting-edge Decision-Making Tools for Cash and Voucher Assistance, empowering organizations with effective strategies for impactful humanitarian interventions. Streamline your aid efforts with precision and efficiency.

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Laligurans CVA Dashboard

Discover efficiency and transparency< with our Cash and Voucher Assistance Dashboard—an intuitive tool designed to provide real-time insights and streamline CVA management.

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Market Information System

Explore our pivotal Market Information System (MIS), a versatile tool developed under USAID's BHAKARI program by Mercy Corps. With interactive dashboards, it empowers real-time decision-making and efficient vendor management, ensuring effective humanitarian assistance in Nepal.

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