How we help you
and your business

Aria Technologies works to accelerate the pace of digital transformation in Nepal by advancing technologies through providing IT services to our clients and partners as well as developing our in-house products.


We provide customized IT services for the education sector. You can also manage your academic institutions with our in-house product “Qbex”. Qbex is an AI-based school management system that helps you keep all of your students’, employees’, and guardians’ information in one place.

The app’s features include fee collection, billing, and reports on students’ numbers, exam results, and all the accounting like trial balance, voucher, etc. New features can be added based on the needs of educational institutions, and we can also provide customized reporting in HR, Finance, Account, and Exams if necessary. Aria Technologies has helped build Edtech solutions for a wide range of educational institutions from Montessori to the University level.