How we help you
and your business

Aria Technologies works to accelerate the pace of digital transformation in Nepal by advancing technologies through providing IT services to our clients and partners as well as developing our in-house products.


We provide you customised solutions based on integration , openness and modular structure with our team of experts in the financial inclusion sector as well as technologists who meet the digital needs of financial institutions.”Mizani” our in-house product, is widely used in Nepal’s microfinance, development, and commercial banks. It includes a wide range of AI-based modules that helps banks in loan appraisal, credit score determination, and service provision.

We have successfully implemented our solution in many industries , our in-house product “Sampatti” manages personal finance while “MunshiG “ manages cash flow for farmers and small business owners. Aria Technologies offers its customers comprehensive solutions ranging from system to application and we can digitize anything that any financial institution requires.We’ve got it all covered!