How we help you
and your business

Aria Technologies works to accelerate the pace of digital transformation in Nepal by advancing technologies through providing IT services to our clients and partners as well as developing our in-house products.

IT Consulting
& Project planning

IT Consulting & Project planning We provide consultations to the companies regarding the IT infrastructure that they use and provide necessary advice to maintain a high level of security and solutions that fully align with your organization’s goals and budget. We conduct an IT audit to determine the necessary recommendations for system upgrades.

With our team of software engineers and system designers, we analyze every aspect and requirement of the client, finalize the features and functions needed in the projects and recommend the best IT Solutions. In order to make the consulting program holistic and reality-based, we consult with experts of relevant fields such as education, humanitarian preparedness, and response, financial inclusion, etc.We work collaboratively as per the need with research institutions, NGOs, INGOs for developing the digital solutions.