Technology: Asp.Net, MS SQL, VueJs, SAAS

A software that simplifies and accelerates agriculture lending thro ugh digitization. Mizani aims to revolutionize agriculture lending in Nepal by ensuring fair assessment of farmer borrowers Mizaniis a web-based software that can be accessed through android phone/tablet app and web browsers.All the data and scanned documents related to loan decisions are securely stored in the cloud. These include scanned copies of documents, GPS coordinates and pictures of project site. Agr onomist from Aria Technologies will visit the target areas to develop profiling of your requested sub - sectors, in terms of production planning and related cash - flows. This information will be fed into Mizani system that is tailored specifically for you. Mizani facilitates recording and analyzing the authenticity of the information provided by the borrowers and quantifies the project feasibility and costs generated by the application data. The system then supports the staff to make decisions rela ted to credit such as loan size, tenure and repayment schedule. For the proposed project, we will be deploying prescreening and appraisal modules only. In future, features such as borrower profiling, monitoring, portfolio analytics and credit - scorecard generation can be added as per requirement.