"Empowering Minds, Bridging Information Divides: International Day of Universal Access to Information"

-Jebina Maharjan

In our modern digital age, the significance of information as a powerful tool has never been more apparent. It shapes societies, empowers individuals, and strengthens communities. Universal access to information has rightly taken center stage, recognizing it as a fundamental human right. This concept asserts that every person has the unassailable right to seek, receive, and share information, transcending barriers and championing inclusivity.In our increasingly digitized world, information flows through a myriad of media channels,ranging from social media and blogs to time-honored mediums like radio and newspapers.Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and e-governance further bolster this flow, bridging the digital divide and ensuring that tailored, accessible information reaches every corner of society. This process not only enhances government transparency and accountability but also catalyzes social progress, fuels economic growth, and lays the foundation for sustainable development.

The global recognition of the paramount importance of universal access to information culminated in UNESCO's declaration of September 28th as the International Day for Universal Access to Information on November 17, 2015. Subsequently, the UN General Assembly adopted September 28, 2019, as the International Day for Universal Access to Information.These dates serve as poignant reminders of the imperative need for transparency, accountability, and the unimpeded flow of information.

The International Day for Universal Access to Information underscores the concept that information is not merely a commodity but a fundamental human right that serves as the bedrock of democracy, development, and progress. It issues a collective call to action to governments, organizations, and individuals to ensure that information is accessible to all. By championing universal access to information, we empower individuals, advance transparency and accountability, mitigate inequalities, and cultivate a more equitable and inclusive world. It is a day to celebrate the transformative influence of information in elevating lives and societies.

Aria Technologies stands at the vanguard of this global mission by pioneering innovative software and mobile applications tailored for both the humanitarian sector and education. Our software solutions empower beneficiaries and stakeholders alike, facilitating access to critical information, fostering transparency, and enabling informed decision-making. In the humanitarian sector, Aria Technologies plays a pivotal role in streamlining the management of cash and voucher assistance programs. Our unwavering commitment to digital inclusion is evident in the provision of QR cards to assistance recipients, actively involving them in the aid distribution process. These QR cards not only streamline assistance but also grant beneficiaries access to vital information about their aid, thereby promoting transparency and accountability.

However, Aria Technologies' dedication transcends technology; we engage in close collaboration with humanitarian and development agencies, recognizing the paramount importance of sharing information and coordinating efforts. We invest in the training of local vendors and enumerators, strengthening the capacity to collect and manage data at the grassroots level, where it is most impactful. One of the most remarkable contributions Aria Technologies makes to universal access to information is the provision of a real-time public dashboard detailing aid distribution. This dashboard offers transparency to the public, donors, and stakeholders, providing invaluable insights into the distribution and utilization of aid. Such transparency not only fosters trust but also empowers informed decision-making at all levels of society.

We at Aria Technologies extend our steadfast commitment to education through our school management software, Qbex. This comprehensive software ecosystem ensures that students, guardians, and teachers have seamless access to vital educational information. Students can effortlessly check schedules, access study materials, and stay updated on assignments and grades via dedicated mobile apps. Guardians are also integrated into this information loop,empowering them to monitor their children's educational progress in real time and enabling timely interventions when necessary.Teachers benefit from Qbex as well, as it simplifies administrative tasks, allowing them to channel more energy into teaching and student development.

Furthermore, Aria Technologies hosts 'Hike with Aria' sessions every week, demonstrating our commitment to ensuring that information is accessible to everyone. During these sessions, one of the team members shares valuable information on a wide range of topics, promoting knowledge-sharing and inclusivity.

Aria Technologies' dedication to universal access to information is resoundingly evident through our undeviating humanitarian and educational initiatives. By providing innovative technology solutions, collaborating with stakeholders, and championing transparency through public dashboards and educational software, we empower individuals and organizations to make informed decisions. Our steadfast commitment exemplifies the pivotal role they play in advancing universal access to information for the betterment of society.