Technology: Asp.Net, MS SQL, VueJs, SAAS

Aria Technology introduced Qbex, an EduCare software in 2019. It provides service model software that help institutes run smoothly. It was designed to manage all the administrative tasks of a school in an effective manner. When COVID-19 pandemic spread all over the world, it significantly disrupted every aspects of human life, including education. Institutes were forced to shut down after the alarming spread of the virus as a part of lockdown. Students have been severely impacted by the temporary closure of the educational institutions. To mitigate the impact, educational institutes have switched to online and video based learning. This method does provide temporary solution for students but institutes have faced major difficulties in terms of education management system. Therefore, Obex an Educare software is an important technology that works for school in today’s time. Obex provide set of programs, specially designed to manage all the administrative tasks of a school in an effective manner.

Qbex is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning Software for education institutions. Qbex includes web app for schools and mobile apps for teachers, departments, parents and students. It also provides custom reporting facility and support to the users at every turn of their queries. It is currently being used by 17 schools and colleges in Nepal. Our ERP (Enterprise resource planning) provides a wide range of features in different categories such as

Online Learning and Examination Platform:

This module also offers a platform for online learning such as integration with video conferences for running class discussion. Study materials such as PDF and Videos can be shared by teachers with the students. Teachers and students can send out and submit their assignments via app while. In addition you can also run online examinations through this module for entrance and regular exams. It also includes data such as class conduction data, assignment reports, and student examination scores.

Basic Information Management System (BMIS):

Students are enrolled in Qbex after admission. All short of documents from certificates to medical records are stored. Module allows class management, admission management, ID card generation.

Examination Management Information System (EMIS):

Qbex has a capacity to generate 1500 report cards/hr. With a normal laser printer we can print 500 report cards/hr. Report cards, mark sheet ledger generation, teacher’s mobile app integration to input marks.

Finance Modules:

It’s a full accounting software package with strong finance management module. Finance reports such as cash flow reports, income expense records and balance sheets can be generated. You can also access fee management, payroll management and vendor management. All the reports of bills and receipts of the financial transaction can be recorded and used for reporting purpose.

Human Resource Management System (HRMS):

This module helps profiling your employees and tracking leave. It can include employee data management, attendance and leave management and payroll management.

Inventory Management:

We help track all supplies, stocks and sales. You can have access to order supplies, stock report and sales report.

Library Management:

Records of the books, borrower, issued and due date are managed and systematically generated along with the use of barcode reader.

Transport Management:

Bus route can be tracked through GPS .Bus fares can be adjusted as per the student’s destination.

Documents Management:

All the necessary documents and information of students , parent and teachers is systematically recorded. Billing details of respective students including past students can be maintained in the system. Id cards can be generated per the students need. The employee’s details can be recorded in their respective profile which will make the HR Manager job easier. The SMS services can be used for informing as well as communicating with the users. AI enabled performance and behavioral analysis report of student can be generated based on the data provided by the students and how they react to the system.

Provides a seamless integration of all processes, data and relationship existing in the institution, it also embraces technology and automation in your organization and stay ahead in the industry.