Get to know our In-house products

We have a diverse range of in-house-products in the areas of edtech, fintech, and humanitarian support


Laligurans, is a Humanitarian Cash and Voucher Assistance software. Laligurans software includes enumerator mobile app, vendor mobile app and web app for humanitarian agencies

Technology: MS SQL, VueJS, Flutter, Asp.Net

Sampatti is a personal finance management app designed to help an individual to manage his/her money smartly. It is a systematic approach where an

Technology: Flutter, Splite

Aria Technology introduced Qbex, an EduCare software in 2019. It provides service model software that help institutes run smoothly. It was designed to manage

Technology: Asp.Net, MS SQL, VueJs, SAAS

Mizani is credit-scoring and appraisal software as a service platform for banks and financial institutions to maintain credit-history, generate credit-scores and perform loan appraisal

Technology: Asp.Net, MS SQL, VueJS, Python, SAAS, Flutter

Why Data Driven Decision Making Is Important? Data-driven decision-making ensures a higher probability of success, whether it is for a small firm or for a government introducing

Technology: Flutter