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Laligurans, is a Humanitarian Cash and Voucher Assistance software.

Laligurans software includes enumerator mobile app, vendor mobile app and web app for humanitarian agencies and their partners. Laligurans development started in 2020.
The software has incorporated various modules required for the Humanitarian cash and voucher assistance project. It has been developed as a service model platform that can be used by humanitarian agencies to register beneficiaries and distribute cash and commodities via electronic vouchers (machine readable/writeable cards/QR Code).
Enumerators can use their mobile app to collect beneficiary detail information along with photos and locations. Those collected photos can be used for face detection during distribution. The data collection can be done without connectivity which can be synchronized after inter connection later on. After the finalization of beneficiary data Laligurans designs a beneficiary card which is print ready, we also do the card printing.
After the distribution of cards to the beneficiary, they can go to the merchant to collect goods, where the merchant verifies the beneficiary either by QR scanning and/or Face detection and/or Simple PIN Code.
This is a cloud-based system which can provide near to real time analysis regarding beneficiary disaggregation, distribution reports etc.
The merchant App, with a one-time password was effective to maintain real time data of users. The App also is helpful in reporting, transparency and accountability. The minimum support data collection system is activated in a web app for analytical DASHBOARD.
Laligurans has electronic value voucher and commodity voucher modules with both online and offline features with customizable plans. Laligurans is currently developing a module for Cash for Work modality as well.
Oxfam has used Laligurans for the EPHIC project. In addition to other humanitarian interventions to respond to the COVID 19 emergency, OXFAM NEPAL has extended support to 3500 persons in Sarlahi with a package of essential materials worth NPR 3900. Laligurans system developed by the Aria technologies was introduced as a beneficiary requisite box to tick the household data with GPS locations, photos, disaggregate date of household members and QR Code for distribution of essential goods.
With a standard operating procedure (SOP) in place, Aria has trained the partners and staff members of OXFAM to use electronic vouchers. IEC materials like video clips and posters were also developed to educate the beneficiaries.
Recently, it has made an agreement with Khalti mobile wallet to incorporate a component of cash distributions via agent network. Laligurans was piloted by Mercy Corps during Resilience Plus project.
Currently, Plan International is undergoing preparations to use Laligurans system for its livestock voucher distribution project.