Technology: Flutter, Sqlite

Sampatti is a personal finance management app designed to help an individual to manage his/her money smartly. It is a systematic approach where an individual maximizes the existing financial resources through the app to achieve his/her financial goals and objectives. It’s free and accessible to every individual who wants to download the app in their mobile phones and can be used offline once you have registered. The app currently has about 3000+ active users with user friendly features.

Financial planning is a step-by-step approach to meet one’s life goals and Sampatti helps you prepare budget, track spending and manage loans and many more. It covers aspects of income, expenses, budgeting, loan management, savings, event budgeting and retirement planning.
It also has financial literacy contents and information about Nepalese financial products.
Through this app you can increase your savings by tracking your expenses which helps to cut down your costs consciously. This automatically increases your savings in the long run. Using this app, also help you be prepared for emergencies. Creating an emergency fund is a critical aspect of financial planning. Financial planning is not only about increasing your savings and reducing your expenses, it also includes achieving your future goals such as wealth creation, retirement planning child’s education, buying properties and saving tax etc. This app helps you to create a contingency fund that helps to tackle financial crisis at worst situations. With the help of this app you can create a retirement corpus by having a financial plan that provides regular income post retirement. It helps to manage your money in the best possible manner and enjoy a better standard of living.
Sampatti visualizes your financial habits enabling you to stay with your goals, be organized and take responsibility of your money. It will help you see your finances in the bigger picture. Your data is automatically categorized, displayed in simple info graphics and graphs that help you on your way to your dream savings and proper financial health.
Using Sampatti helps you create a successful financial plan understanding your financial situation by keeping tracks of your income, expenses, debt, savings and investments. You can implement right plan by looking at different investment options and monitor your financial plan regularly. You may have several different financial goals you wish to achieve but to reach them at the right point in life, you need to have a financial plan in place and Sampatti is that potential app that will help you achieve your goals.